The Inspiration Behind the Aygo’s Striking Design

Colourful, eye-catching, and fun. These are just some of the words used to describe Toyota’s take on what the small city car should be. The second generation Aygo, with its bold appearance, was designed to make an indelible impact on the market and – since its South African launch in 2015 – that is precisely what it has done.

But what inspired designers to produce such a dramatic concept for the most recent incarnation of the Aygo? In one phrase, the “J-Factor”.


A term coined by Toyota’s Japanese design team. Inspired by Japan’s urban youth culture, it represents the philosophy of combining two completely different things to create something unique.

Toyota’s Chief Engineer, David Terrai, said that the idea behind the Aygo’s design was to create a car with which people would fall in love. “What I wanted to do is make a car that stands out, in a Japanese sense, that will catch the spirit of people. People want to be different, expressive, individual. People need more choices.” The Aygo represents exactly that.

The mission

The mission was to design a city car that only Japanese designers could. It draws inspiration from Japanese culture, technology, manga, and the vibrant city life. The Aygo’s design expresses playfulness; an element which was also incorporated into other design aspects including handling, ride, and technology. Mission accomplished, Toyota!

The result

The result of this imaginative approach to design, is a car that is totally Japanese, created to capture the imaginations of the rest of the world.

Aesthetically, the new Aygo is the exact opposite of its outgoing predecessor. It sports an attention-grabbing “X” themed front grille which extends all the way to the side mirrors and roof. The rest of the X-Terior (yes, we did that) sports some new features too. The roof has been lowered and has a new profile and integral spoiler. Colour coded bumpers have been introduced, and the Aygo has also grown by 25mm in length.

Traditionally, small city cars are loved for their practicality, compactness, and – most importantly – affordability. Often, because of their devotion to practicality, cars in the A-segment market lack desirability. The Aygo fills every requirement of the small city car, but it’s new, exciting design makes you truly want to own one.

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